Nobles is an international holding company with interests in the real estate, automotive and technology sectors. Combined with its subsidiaries and affiliates, it employs more than a hundred personnel and part-time staff; and it owns or manages over $2 billion in assets and shares worldwide. Omar Ayesh, a Canadian entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist established Nobles in 2008 and serves as its Chairman.

The group’s investment strategy focuses exclusively on projects and services that possess unique attributes. Examples include an automotive trading platform online that integrates transactions and transportation of vehicles, as service as yet unavailable to the sector. In the property sector, the group’s subsidiary owns properties in the Middle East and United States in prime locations within proximity of cosmopolitan areas and key airports with uncommon architectural features.

Nobles and its subsidiaries have an active Corporate Social Responsibility platform, with each company allocating a portion of its budget to philanthropic and community activities. This includes housing and healthcare programs for the underprivileged, scholarships, microfinance, debt relief, refugee assistance, and even subsidizing group weddings for those unable to afford the costs.

The group also believes in raising standards of commercial accountability, whether through corporate governance or official bodies. It has sponsored the establishment of the Global Justice Foundation, an organization geared towards promoting the implementation of business ethics and standards of corporate governance worldwide. The Chairman’s experience with corruption, intimidation and abuse in the financial dealings of companies and individuals, sometimes aided by low ranking government officials, inspired the GJF’s formation.