Personal Assistance

The achievement of social unity is one of the areas that Nobles seeks to promote in all segments of the local community.

The Youth Support Program for Marriage Expenses

Since its launch in 2015, the Youth Support Program supported the union of 30 young men and women, enabling them to overcome the high expenses barrier on their quest to build a fundamental pillar in their social life.

The Debtor Program for the Relief of Financial Debt

In cooperation with relevant official and private institutions, Nobles runs the Debtor Program, which aims to pay the debts of heads of households from mothers and fathers with heavy financial burdens. Since its launch, the program relieved the debts of over forty (imprisoned?) heads of households, allowing their return to their work and their families.


In addition to development programs, Nobles has launched many initiatives and campaigns targeting the assistance of refugees and other persons in need, through the provision of goods such as food packages, holiday packages and winter campaigns.